Endowment Fund Committee

The TVUUC Endowment Fund is governed by a Charter and managed by the Endowment Fund Committee, which is composed of seven members elected by the Congregation to serve staggered three-year terms. As the trustee of the Fund, the committee encourages donations to the Fund, manages the investments, and oversees the allocation of Fund earnings for special projects.The Endowment Fund Committee members for the 2023-2024 fiscal year are:

      • Joy Fels
      • David Massey
      • Maureen Dunn McBride (Chair)
      • Robby McMurry (Treasurer)
      • Grier Novinger
      • Stephanie Seay (Secretary)
      • Taylor Thomas

Contact Us If you have any questions about the Endowment Fund — or suggestions for the Endowment Fund Committee — please email us at EndowTVUUC(AT)gmail.com or call David Massey at 865-621-8352.