Lessons from Frederick Douglass: His Impact on the US, World & Unitarian Universalism, Then & Now

Frederick Douglass’s life and writings have impacted our understandings of liberation, freedom, justice, and perseverance. His relationships with Unitarians and Universalists shifted how our faith leaders and influencers showed up. Come join us to learn about Frederick Douglass and how we can fight for justice today using his life and teaching as a guide.

Erven Williams is a retired Tennessee Valley Authority Project Manager and BVI FEMA Contractor. Erven serves on the TVUUC and BECK Cultural Center Boards. Presently, he volunteers as a team leader for the TVUUC Volunteer Food Ministry, Choir, Worship Service participant, UUA General Assembly Delegate and Attendee, Norris Dam Visitor’s Center and United Way. Erven has attended TVUUC since 1972 after moving from Tuskegee, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. Erven and family have been actively involved in church activities and all joined in 1987. Erven enjoys traveling, family and friend gatherings, baking pecan pies, photography, and sports including going to UT football and basketball games.