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One Love – In-Person and Virtual Worship

The mystics of all faiths tell us, “Love is indivisible, one love, one life, one heart, one hope, one people, one planet. To love anyone is to align with universal love.”  This Sunday we will explore how our love for one another and our congregation can have a ripple effect that radiates outward into a larger sense of Oneness. On the Sunday before Valentine’s Day everyone is invited to write a love letter to the church or some aspect of the church aka a Heart to Heart Circle, a Small Group Ministry, the Choir, the youth group etc. etc. You can email your letters to . This Sunday marks the beginning of our stewardship drive for 2023-2024 church year. You can get a head start by pledging online by clicking on this link Pledge Now ( Thanks in advance for supporting our work

(You can watch our worship service streamed at 11 am on our Facebook page, or our website and also on our YouTube channel

Per the CDC, Knox County’s risk level has returned to LOW. No COVID-related restrictions are in place, though masks and vaccination are encouraged. The Lizzie Crozier-French room is designated for remote viewing with masks required for all over the age of two. Room A will also be available for families with children, with masks required for all over the age of two. You may also watch our services online. The full Covid policy can be viewed online here.