Paul Robeson: Triumph and Tragedy (Music Sunday)

Paul Robeson (1898-1976) was not only a great singer and actor but also an outspoken advocate for the rights of African Americans and other oppressed people. During the Cold War, his radical political views turned him from an international celebrity to a pariah in American society. This service will explore the life and artistry of Paul Robeson and will celebrate his music along with the Music Program of TVUUC on this Music Sunday.

Jeff Kovac is Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, and Director of College Scholars at UT where he has pursued an eclectic interdisciplinary scholarly career in both science and the humanities.  His most recent book, The Ethical Chemist, Second Edition, was published last August by Oxford University Press.  He has been an active member of TVUUC since coming to Knoxville in 1976 and has served the congregation in several capacities including quite a few lay services over the years.