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Blessed Unrest-In-Person and Virtual Worship-Kathy Greenberg

Many of us at TVUUC have experienced a profound sense of purpose, love, and understanding when engaging in service to our community including social action for equity and justice. We know—we realize—the blessed unrest that Paul Hawken describes in his book of that name about environmental justice. But Zo Tobi used the same words, blessed unrest, to focus on social justice in her beautiful, inspiring song. I think most of us come to TVUUC in part because we realize that we all live in a world that is truly unjust for some. For, as Tobi writes, we “see what is and what could be. Can’t close our eyes again and go back to sleep.” And when we stand each Sunday and sing our benediction, we are drawn to this call. And yet without deep reflection, these words can become nothing more than a set of platitudes.

In this service, I invite you to reflect on these questions: How do we overcome fear and hate as we seek justice through positive change? How do we rise above differences and stand in love and understanding, one? How do we help those who make laws and implement policy avoid objectifying those affected? How do we ourselves avoid objectifying those who disagree with us as well as those for whom we seek social justice?

Join us as Little Brother and the Sisterhood share their lovely music, as all of us sing hymns, and as Neil Greenberg and I share our thoughts and a couple of poems. Together, we will explore our benediction’s deeper meaning.

Katherine Greenberg, a long-time member of TVUUC, was born a Texan, and over 30 years ago became a Greenberg. She earned her Ph.D. from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University and served on the faculty of the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville for over 30 years. She was active in the International Association of Cognitive Education and Psychology, giving many presentations all over the world as well as serving a term as president. Back home she also served as president of the UTK Faculty Senate, before retiring as Professor Emerita.

Inspired by a visiting Israeli theorist, Reuven Feuerstein, when in graduate school. She later received a Fulbright Research Scholar award to work for nine months at his institute in Jerusalem, Israel for 9 months. Her scholarly work focuses on the importance of cultural transmission in maximizing human potential as well as the primacy of perception as it effects teaching and learning. Upon return to Knoxville, she was awarded one of 12 USDE Follow Through grants where, for 7 years she partnered with schools using her approach and serving children from low-income families. Her scholarly publications outlined her educational approach and related research and led to invitations to consult in more than six countries with educators striv ing to better provide for underserved populations.

At TVUUC she has served in various offices, including President of the congregation. After retirement, Kathy joined the League of Women Voters where she coordinated the League’s Still Locked Out project, a survey of Tennessee County Officials engaged with voter restoration. Kathy served six years as the Knoxville Knox County League’s Voter Services Director and Board member. She currently serves on the League’s State Board as Coordinator of Voter Restoration.

She is married to her best friend and colleague, Neil, mother to Lisa Roberts, and grandmother to Katie Roberts. Kathy belongs to two book clubs consisting of mostly TVUUC members. Other activities include replacing various joints and planning frequent family-and-friends road trips.

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