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Flower Medicine-In-Person and Virtual Worship Service

Currently the Covid Act Now risk level is “Medium” so service attendees should expect that speakers and members of the choir may be removing their masks while speaking or singing. In an effort to accommodate those who may not be comfortable in this setting, we will continue to offer online services as well as ways to watch the service live-streamed in other parts of the the building. This Sunday our sign that reads “Everyone welcome” means everyone of every age with face masks required and other mitigation practices in place. Thanks so much for your cooperation in helping to keep our congregation and our community safe.

(You can watch our worship service streamed at 11 am on our Facebook page, or our website and also on our YouTube channel

Robert Burns once wrote a love poem using the old Scotch spelling, “Oh my Luve is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June.”  Countless poets have written verse about the color and variety of flowers. Flowers often serve as metaphors for human emotions and spiritual experiences. However, we sometimes forget that many flowers also have medicinal value. The contents of the bottles in our medicine cabinets often come from floriculture. This Sunday we will celebrate Earth Day by reflecting on the healing quality of flowers in myth, metaphor and medicine. This is our annual flower communion service where everyone is invited to bring a flower to give away and return home with a new flower.