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Explaining Ourselves to Each Other-In-Person and Virtual Worship

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were good friends who became estranged from each other over politics in the early days of the American Republic. The two were not on speaking terms when one day John Adams wrote a letter that said, “You and I ought not to die before we have explained ourselves to each other.” This Sunday in the midst of the High Holy Days of the Jewish Calendar we will talk about how to see forgiveness, when to reconcile (or not reconcile) and more importantly how to explain ourselves to each other. .

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Per the CDC, Knox County’s risk level has returned to LOW. No COVID-related restrictions are in place, though masks and vaccination are encouraged. The Lizzie Crozier-French room is designated for remote viewing with masks required for all over the age of two. You may also watch our services online. The full Covid policy can be viewed online here