Invite the Deceased to the Wedding-In-Person and Virtual Worship

Death ends a life but not a relationship. There is a Jewish custom of a couple going to the grave of the deceased and inviting them to the wedding. How do we honor those no longer living as we celebrate the joyous experiences of life? The Christian tradition of All Souls, the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead, the Pagan holiday of Samhain remind us that our relationships do not end when a mortal life ends. Bring a picture of a loved one of blessed memory to place on our altar as we remember them

(You can watch our worship service streamed at 11 am on our Facebook page, or our website and also on our YouTube channel

Per the CDC, Knox County’s risk level has returned to LOW. No COVID-related restrictions are in place, though masks and vaccination are encouraged. The Lizzie Crozier-French room is designated for remote viewing with masks required for all over the age of two. Room A will also be available for families with children, with masks required for all over the age of two. You may also watch our services online. The full Covid policy can be viewed online here