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Making Hope in Hopeless Times

A lot of Americans–and most assuredly most Unitarian Universalists–are low on hope these days. The Accidentals–TVUUC members Bill Dabbs, Paul Davis, Laurie Knox, Tina McMillan, John McNair, and Carolyn Rogers–have not been immune to these feelings of hopelessness and despair. After being asked by FUUF to provide an entire service based on the theme of Making Change, they discovered that the seed of positive change lies in hope; that creating a service about hope made them more hopeful; and that sharing those feelings with an audience made everybody feel better! Come discover the process of how can you recognize and cultivate hopefulness when nothing is right, up is down, and everything is dark.

The Accidentals have been together for about 10 years, having formed accidentally, as the story goes, in the aftermath of the shooting at TVUUC in July, 2008, and ever since have been doing their part to fill the world with music, love and laughter. They are now branching out into writing and performing original music.