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Reproductive Rights, Reproductive Justice, and YoUU

What are reproductive rights? What is reproductive justice? Are they the same thing, and how do they play into our Unitarian Universalist principles? Why is there a flurry of laws that are trying to restrict reproductive choices? Join us this week as Mark Mohundro invites us to reflect on these questions.

Mark Mohundro first became an advocate for reproductive justice in 1987 and has been a UU since 2003. He first belonged to First UU of Richmond, VA and joined TVUUC in 2012. Mark was born in Knoxville but has lived in many states and countries, including Louisiana and Germany. Mark’s scope of experience is wide and varied, and he is most proud of his time spent working for Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee as a Grassroots Organizer and a Front Desk Coordinator. He is a longtime supporter of multiple social justice causes and most of his advocacy work has concerned abortion rights and gender equality. Mark is currently an active member of TVUUC, serving on four committees. He is also involved with the Buddhist community at Lotus Light Contemplative Community Center. His partner in crime is a sweet, but mischievous cat named Smoke.