Roe at 49-Where are we now and where do we go from here? Virtual Worship Service

(You can watch our worship service streamed at 11 am on our Facebook page, or our website and also on our YouTube channel.)

Reproductive Rights continue to be endangered in 2022, but we are not letting this reality slow us down.  Just as the Chinese character 危机与机遇  represents, each crisis offers opportunity.  Roe vs Wade is in threat of being reversed in 2022. This will affect all of us  directly or indirectly.  Come hear from advocates and counselors about the latest and find inspiration in how you can get involved.  Faith leaders in the past have been a beacon of light on this topic. Let’s step up again at this critical juncture in history. Following the service at coffee hour, there will be time for questions, reflections and possible action plans. Speakers-Rev. Jametta Alston. Angelina Carpenter, Max Carwile, and Mark Mohundro