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Salvation By Character – In-person and Virtual Worship

You might not expect to hear a sermon about “salvation” on Pride Weekend in a Unitarian Universalist church since the word has so often been used as a weapon against marginalized people. The word salvation is found frequently in the Bible but it doesn’t always mean what people think it means . The Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible) makes no reference to the afterlife. There is no talk about heaven or hell or purgatory, and yet there are many references to salvation. This Sunday we will reflect on the meaning of the word salvation for contemporary Unitarian Universalists with a nod toward our Unitarian forebears who spoke about “salvation by character” as we fly the Rainbow Flag.

(You can watch our worship service streamed at 11 am on our Facebook page, or our website and also on our YouTube channel

Per the CDCKnox County’s current risk level is now MEDIUM.

At this level, masks are required in all indoor spaces at TVUUC for those ages 2+ with the following exceptions: 

  • Masking is voluntary for speakers while at a microphone. 
  • Masking is voluntary for singers while performing. 
  • Temporary unmasking while actively drinking or eating. 
  • Food/beverage are allowed only in the Fellowship Hall 

     and the kitchen.

During Sunday services, the Lizzie Crozier French room will be available as a designated viewing space for those who would prefer to be in a smaller group with masks required. Room A will also be available for families with children who prefer an area where children may play during the service, with masks required for all over the age of two.  The full Covid policy can be viewed online here.