The Water Underneath Our Feet (Water Communion)-In-Person and Virtual Worship Service-Rev. Chris Buice

The major religions of the West, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, came out of desert environments were water was scarce. Thus seeking and finding water becomes a major metaphor for our spiritual journeys. This Sunday we will draw wisdom from both East and West the way a traveling pilgrim might draw water from a well. This is our annual water communion for all ages so everyone is invited to bring what from your home or from your summer travels to share. You can bring water from a river, an ocean, a garden hose, a kitchen sink or a well.

(You can watch our worship service streamed at 11 am on our Facebook page, or our website and also on our YouTube channel

Per the CDC, Knox County’s current risk level is now medium. At this level, masks are required in all indoor spaces at TVUUC for those ages 2+, and there will be no congregational singing during services and no food or drink served inside the building. During Sunday services, the Lizzie Crozier French room will be available as a designated viewing space for those who would prefer to be in a smaller group. Room A will also be available for families with children who prefer an area where children may play during the service. You may also watch our services online. To view our full COVID-19 policy, please visit