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Virtual and Vaccinated In-Person Worship Service-Reimagining Thanksgiving

Reimagining Thanksgiving

For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is considered a day of mourning. In 2016, Unitarian Universalists voted to pay special attention to learning our history and rethinking Thanksgiving in the year 2020, in observance of the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing in Plymouth. Historically, UU ministers were instrumental in creating the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday and the “Pilgrims and the Indians” pageant tradition that roots the holiday in an historically inaccurate and harmful colonial narrative. Let us reflect and acknowledge our role as a denomination, honor the peoples of the First Nations , and reimagine a different way of celebrating Thanksgiving. Speakers- The 8th Principle Task Force
On this Sunday fully vaccinated members and friends are invited to come to our building for the service (because we are at the High Risk Stage according to Covid Act Now, down from Severe Risk and Very High Risk) and to prepare to be a part of the safety team for opening to the general public (when we reach the Medium Risk Level.) All others are invited to watch the service online and know that we are preparing a place for you.
Click here to watch it streamed at 11 am on our Facebook page. You can also watch it on our website by clicking here and our YouTube channel by clicking here