Continued (audio): further remarks by Ginna Mashburn and Julie Hardin:


Our Leap of Faith Together
Sunday, January 14
Service Leader: John Bohstedt, Ginna Mashburn, etc.

This past January, we celebrated TVUUC’s 20th Anniversary in our new Church home, the result of a four-year leap of faith (1994-1997). But really, it was both faith and works that led us to our new church home. We had made previous leaps of faith, leading us to feel that courage and perseverance just might be woven into our congregational DNA. We want to pass along this legacy.

In the worship service of January 14th, we celebrated our Building journey.

— John Bohstedt, for Kate Benson, Kathy Bohstedt, Julie Hardin, Pat Hardin, Ginna Mashburn, Allan Morgan, Glenn Reider, Frony Ward, Elnora Williams, and Erven Williams