When I was making my decision to move back to Knoxville from California, I thought about this Unitarian Universalist church and the congregation whom I knew from years past.

I had many thoughts about reuniting with old friends and hopes for making new ones. But one of my main concerns was whether Chris Buice was still the minister here. This would be very important in me making the decision to return.

In just the short time I have been here I have witnessed many giving loving and caring people. But I have also seen that there is no man, whom I have encountered in a spiritual setting that has done so much for so many. I am sure that Chris has endured more adversities than any one man should have to endure. I know that he has given of himself more than we all have a right to ask for.

That being said, I am here because the people who have been inspired, through Chris’s countless, provocative, thought-filled sermons and Chris’s unwavering dedication to the needs of others within the community has drawn me back.

I hope that I can find my way to be useful to TVUUC. And I thank the many of this congregation for welcoming me once again.