On Being & Dancing: the Call Seeks a Response

Aisha will discuss spiritual and social presence and the spirit of dance while engaging participation via movement, call, and response.

Reverend Donna Uma Aisha Brown (ordained in the Temple of the Spirit) focused on Religious Studies at the University of Tennessee, is a Reiki Master and an initiate in the Inayati Order – an interfaith mystical fellowship that spreads the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan who brought Sufism to the West in 1910. As Founder of Culture Spirit, Aisha creates workshops and events that utilize art and creative process to assist planetary healing and challenge the cultural/spiritual imbalances impacting society. She has 30+ years experience in community service which includes cultural work, community building, organizing, and social justice education; and is engaged (as co-Founder) in the ongoing development of the City Council Movement and Knoxville People’s Assembly.