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Y-Care (Let’s Talk About Suicide)

Suicide affects us all, but what is it? Why do people sometimes feel the need to take there own life? How do our beliefs about and understandings of suicide affect the way we respond to suicide? Join us as we attempt to understand more about the very nature of suicide, and what causes it. As a liberal faith community, we can come together to help change the damaging narrative of suicide that has been created by society and by religious communities for centuries. Together we can make a difference; we can change the story and save lives.

Roddy Biggs is an East Tennessee native, and a former member. He now lives with his partner in Middle TN where they both attend school at Middle Tennessee State University while working on a bachelor degree before heading off to Seminary to pursue UU ministry. He is also currently an attending member of the First UU of Nashville where he is worship associate, a lay leader and where he serves as co-chair for the Social Justice Committee. As part of his studying and pre-seminary work, Roddy is working on and giving sermons through various church’s pulpit supply programs and is grateful for the opportunities to do so. He is a very social justice driven person, and its shown by their work with groups like the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, and many more.