LREDA President Ann Scott asked Members to work on Developing a Culture of Appreciation in their Lives and Congregations.

Lizzie did just that and this is what she said……                                                                        

“My appreciation goes out today to those who helped me on my first steps to my ministry:

Chris Buice who saw the spark of ministry in me, created a position with his congregation so I might discover the spark for myself also, and continues to fan the flames of my ministry to this day in support as a dear colleague and friend.

Kim Mason who was my first mentor and partner (and ongoing friend) as the director of religious education for my internship in TVUUC. Teaching me what the work could be and how I could use all my gifts into one big ball of DRE goodness.

Lauren Hulse who was part of the RE dream team at TVUUC, who supported me as a colleague but even more as a dear friend.

Morgan Wilson the final piece to our RE dream team as the youth director, embodying our principles by truly valuing our youth, their needs and opinions, and having a lot of fun and friendship while doing it!            

Heather Finney and Carrie Balent for going beyond collegial support by opening their hearts and home to me as I was stranded by the government and waiting for my next steps in life.

All the rest of the staff and volunteers at TVUUC who were and still are a wonderful community that was willing to support a burgeoning DRE. They were willing to put their money and their time and effort forward to support leadership development within our faith. They treated me with the utmost respect and partnership as I felt part of the professional team rather than “just an intern”. They are forever in my heart as I would not be where I am without them.

All my love to my colleagues both paid and volunteer at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church

Liz Roper

February 2019