Speaker: Rev Chris Buice

Chutzpah for Chanukah

This year the celebration of Chanukah overlaps with the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, which happened on December 16, 1773. So let’s light one candle for the Maccabee children and another for our revolutionary and rebellious American ancestors and see if we can learn … read more.

Icons, Idolatry and Advent

The Greek Orthodox tradition is known for the value it places on icons. There is a strain of the Protestant tradition that has been quick to attack the reverence for icons as a form of idolatry. This morning we will reflect on how Unitarian … read more.

Loving the Unlovable

The teachings of the great world’s religions remind us to love to unlovable, have
compassion for all sentient beings even the annoying ones. In the aftermath of the
election (results yet unknown) and it’s impact not only on the nation but also on
friendships, family … read more.

For All the Saints (and Sinners Too)

The Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams said that he did not believe in ‘the immaculate conception of virtue.’ Every action taken to help make the world a better place is committed by imperfect human beings with incomplete knowledge without certainty of success. Nevertheless, we persist. … read more.