Speaker: Rev Chris Buice

Loving the Unlovable

The teachings of the great world’s religions remind us to love to unlovable, have
compassion for all sentient beings even the annoying ones. In the aftermath of the
election (results yet unknown) and it’s impact not only on the nation but also on
friendships, family … read more.

For All the Saints (and Sinners Too)

The Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams said that he did not believe in ‘the immaculate conception of virtue.’ Every action taken to help make the world a better place is committed by imperfect human beings with incomplete knowledge without certainty of success. Nevertheless, we persist. … read more.

Seeking Peace from the Outrage Industry

Log onto the computer, turn on the television, pick up a newspaper and chances are you will find something to be outraged about. Some find peace by retreating from the world to pray or meditate or practice yoga or some other spiritual discipline, an approach … read more.

If You Want a Friend….

President Harry Truman once said, “If you want a friend in Washington DC get a dog.” During the pandemic many of our houses have gathered animals for our arks, cats, hedgehogs, ferrets, fish and more. We will explore the political implications of befriending animals by … read more.

What Kind of Idea Are You?

To compromise or not compromise, that is the question. Are you a consensus-seeker, a common ground finder, a compromiser? Or are you a take no prisoners change agent, a barrier breaker, a battering ram for good? This Sunday we reflect on what kind of … read more.

Our Work is Our Worship

Almost everyone has had to re-imagine their work or begin looking for new work during this time of pandemic. How do we celebrate Labor Day in a time of increased unemployment and underemployment? We begin by affirming the dignity and divinity of labor while addressing … read more.

The Obstacle is the Way

The Hindu god Ganesha, who manifests in the form of an elephant, is know as the remover of obstacles. Do you have obstacles in your life? Do you need someone to remove them? Another alternative is to consider that the obstacle may be the way. … read more.