Speaker: Rev Chris Buice

The Best Time to Plant an Oak Tree

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center museum features a little known Presbyterian minister, the Reverend John Rankin, who lost his job in Dandridge, Tennessee, for supporting the abolition of slavery and then relocated to the north side of the Ohio River so he could help … read more.

We Can Do Hard Things

We can agree that the church should challenge us to grow. However, what do we do when religion is more demanding than we want it to be? What do we do when our faith requires more of us than we are willing to give? What … read more.

Resurrection Boxing Club

In Newport, Tennessee, there is an organization called the Resurrection Boxing Club which suggests a rather unconventional interpretation of the Easter Story. The club is a ministry of a local church offered with complete sincerity. We may be able to draw insights from their work … read more.

And the Walls Came a Tumbling Down

Many of us may have grown up singing the song, “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho. Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came a tumbling down.” During the season of Passover we will explore how the story of a violent … read more.

I Believe In the Sun

On the Sunday after the Spring Equinox we will explore the meaning of words of an anonymous poet written on the walls of a Nazi concentration camp. “I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining. I believe in love even when I can’t … read more.

When Quitters Win

If you’ve ever played any sport then you’ve had a coach who told you, “Quitters never win.” However, during the season of Lent people are asked to quit some of their habits – to give up caffeine or sugar or alcohol or social media. The … read more.

Abundant Love (or Abundant Anxiety)

There is a story in the Bible that makes many people very uncomfortable. Preachers get nervous when asked to preach about it.  A large number of the scholarly interpretations of the passage seem like an ill disguised effort to explain away the obvious meaning or … read more.

When Religion Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Some blame secularization for the demise of religion. Others blame science for the decline. Still others blame the new atheism and anti-religious activists who contend that religious freedom must include “Freedom From Religion.” However, in the Unitarian Universalist church we affirm the value of religion … read more.