Welcome to the
2023 “Get-Togethers” Auction

We are excited to announce that the 2023 TVUUC Get-Togethers Auction website is up and running and ready for donations!

The TVUUC auction is a very important fundraising event for the church but it is also a great way to bring people together!  This year the auction’s total focus is on donations that bring people together: in-person dinners, events, parties, performances, workshops, lessons, services, etc. along with food delivered and travel and lodging.

This year, all bidding will, once again, be conducted on-line, as we have done for the past three years.  

There will be a few other small changes.  

As we hope to have more In-Person Dinners and Events this year, we will not include the category of “Dinners Delivered” (but individual food items can still be entered under “Food Delivered.”)

Because we cannot know in 2023 what the COVID risks will be in 2024, we are not specifying policies related to COVID safety. We do ask, however, that hosts check the CDC risk levels and guidelines in effect at the time of your event and comply with them.  Hosts may also add further restrictions if they choose (such as COVID tests taken on the day of the event), possibly at the request of the guests.

Deadline for donations:                                                 

Sunday, Nov. 12

Bidding dates:       

Thursday, Nov. 30, 6:00pm opens for bidding on-line at

Saturday, Dec. 2,  9:00 Auction bidding closes

Sunday, Dec 3,  3:00pm Auction reopens for unsold items

Sunday, Dec 10, 9pm Auction closes for unsold items

To get into the auction website and begin donating (and later, bidding) go to:


Click here for detailed Donor instructions.

Click here for detailed Bidding Instructions. 

Before the bidding opens, make sure you know your Bidder Number (See Bidder Instructions). If you have never received one, contact auction AT tvuuc.org  and we will give you one. (No Bidder number is required to enter a donation)

If you have further questions, email the auction committee at auction AT tvuuc.org

Also, look for an Auction information table in the Fellowship Hall after Sunday services, beginning in October.

Have fun!